How Can I Properly Wear My Plus-Size Bra?

DeBras recognizes that dressing well is about feeling comfortable in your lingerie. You need to make sure that you’re wearing the bra correctly. Here are some tips to help choose the perfect bra.

I. Determining Your Bra Size

First and foremost, you need to know the correct size bra for you!

Interesting facts: Did you know that over 80 percent of women pick the wrong size bra for their body?

Take a tape measurement of your rib cage.

II. Key Points For Putting On Your Bra

Chosen your styles? Go to the fitting room, or to your own home, to try on the latest styles and then check yourself in the mirror. Let’s review the main steps to help you select the right bra size for you.

A. Make Sure You Put On Your Bra Correctly

Start by placing your arms under the bra straps. This keeps your shoulders flexible and protects the bra’s front. Bras’ support is mainly provided by their backs and straps.

You should feel secure and supported while still allowing for freedom of movement. You should have a properly fitting back. It shouldn’t ride up. For this test, place your finger between the bra, and your skin.

If the back rides up, it is too big. If it’s too small it can get into your skin.

B. Ensure That Your Bust Sits Correctly In Your Bra

Next, ensure your bust is in the bra.

Your opposite hand should be used to position the breasts in the center. The other hand should hold the underwire in its place.

C. Adjust The Straps

Bra straps that are too tight can make your back rise and dig into your shoulders. Straps should not be too tight so that your fingers cannot slide between the shoulder strap and the strap.

It is not common for women to have symmetrical, symmetrical breasts. You may find that each strap should be adjusted differently.

Some people have sloping shoulders. Avoid half-cup bras with balconette or semi-cup cups as the straps can be too off-center.

Handy Tip: This can be solved by fastening the straps together using a clip. It is also helpful for summer tops featuring crossover straps.

D. Choose The Right Cup Size

You can check the underwiring to make sure you are selecting the correct size cup.

The cup should fully surround your breasts and extend beyond the back. This means the cup should fully surround your breasts.

If your underwiring is too short, it will not properly cover your breasts beneath your arms. This can result in unsightly bulges to the side of your bust. If this is true, we recommend that you use a larger size cup.

The correct size cup should fit comfortably against your breasts. Cup size C, rather than D.

You can turn your head sideways to see yourself in your profile. Your bust needs to be well supported.

E. Verify That The Centerpiece Is Correctly Placed

The bra’s centerpiece is the part that should fit snugly under your skin.

F. You Should Make Sure That Your Bra Is Comfy

Now is the time for you to verify that the bra has kept its promises.

If your bust moves and the cup does not support it, then it is probably not the right size.

III. Choose The Best Bra Style

The plus size bras Australia will keep you comfortable for the entire day if it is well-fitted.

Backless dresses and halter-neck blouses… you can change up your outfits with a bandeau bra or a shirt that has a spacer bra.

This classic underwired bra fits any style and provides great support.

You can find more information in our style guide on how to select the right bra style.

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