What Is The Work Of Recruitment Agencies?

It’s hard work and becoming more difficult for many businesses to hire. Recruitment agencies can help businesses of all sizes make the hiring process much easier.

What Is A Recruitment Agency?

The employer is responsible for hiring.

Employers can make hiring difficult and costly. Employers in the United States spend on average $4,000 per hire and it takes around 24 days for a new hire to be hired.

Register with the recruitment agency.

Employers and employees can connect with recruitment agencies by identifying the best talent and then vetting them and presenting them to their clients.

There are many types of employment agencies that share some similarities with recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies focus on permanent positions and include executive positions.

How A Recruiting Agency Works

Although services can vary from one agency or the next, most recruitment companies use the same process.

1. Agreement

Once your company has decided to work with a specific recruitment agency, it will need to reach an agreement.

You will need to agree on payment terms. In general, this would be a retained or contingency fee. You will need to agree to terms about your expectations regarding the work.

For example, some agencies offer a guarantee period. This guarantees that you will get a great hire. The agency will return to the drawing board if your last hire does not work out within the timeframe and start the process of finding your next hire.

2. Profiling

Your recruitment agency will then meet with you to discuss hiring requirements. Perhaps your company has multiple positions that need to be filled. Maybe you are looking for a critical executive position.

The agency’s goal will be to collect as much information as possible to identify and hire the best candidates for the job. You will typically provide your agency with a clear job title, a list defining the requirements, and a list highlighting important skills and attributes.

3. Sourcing

The agency will then search its network and databases for qualified candidates and mobilize influencers to reach candidates within their unique networks and circles. This allows them to scan resumes, which takes an average of six seconds.

The agency will create a list of candidates and screen them for potential employment. Only 2% percent of applicants get interviews.

4. Interviewing

The interview process has two parts. The agency will first arrange for candidate interviews. This will give the agency a better idea of the candidates and if they could be a good match for your company.

During this time, the agency will inform candidates about your company’s culture, long-term vision, and needs.

These interviews will help to reduce the number of candidates. Your company will then be briefed about each candidate. The agency will assist with the final interviews. 51% of recruiters believe three interviews before they extend an offer to a candidate.

5. Offer Extension and Negotiation

The recruitment agency will work with you to negotiate the offer and compensation with the candidate once you have identified the candidate you wish to hire. The recruiting agency will take the pressure off of you and make sure that the candidate has a primary point of contact throughout the entire process.

6. Onboarding

After accepting an offer, the agency can assist with employee onboarding. This is an area where only 12 percent of employees are happy with their employers.

The agency will help both the hiring and firing parties to complete all paperwork. They will also make sure that your new hire is happy and excited to join your team.

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