Perfectly Baked Potatoes Every Time: Microwave Method

Potatoes are a versatile and delicious food that can be used in many different dishes. Whether you prefer mashed, fried, or baked potatoes, there are many ways to cook them to perfection. While baking potatoes in the oven is a popular method, it can take a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, there is an easier way to achieve perfectly baked potatoes every time: the microwave method. This article will explore the benefits of using the microwave to bake potatoes and provide you with tips and tricks for making the best microwave baked potato.

Benefits Of Microwave Baked Potatoes:

One of the main benefits of using the microwave to bake potatoes is that it is a quick and easy process. Unlike baking potatoes in the oven, which can take up to an hour, microwave baked potatoes can be ready in just a few minutes. This makes it a great option for busy weeknights or when you need a quick and easy meal.

Another benefit of microwave baked potatoes is that they are just as delicious as oven-baked potatoes. When cooked correctly, microwave baked potatoes are soft and fluffy on the inside with a crispy skin on the outside. Plus, they are healthier than fried potatoes and can be topped with a variety of healthy and delicious toppings like broccoli, cheese, and sour cream.

Tips For Making The Perfect Microwave Baked Potatoes:

Now that you know the benefits of using the microwave to bake potatoes, let’s go over some tips for making the perfect microwave baked potatoes every time.

  • Choose The Right Type Of Potato: When it comes to making microwave baked potatoes, not all potatoes are created equal. Russet potatoes are the best option for microwave baking because they have a high starch content and a thick skin, which helps them cook evenly and hold their shape.

  • Prick The Potatoes: Before microwaving your potatoes, make sure to prick them several times with a fork. This will allow steam to escape and prevent the potatoes from exploding in the microwave.

  • Use A Microwave-Safe Dish: When microwaving your potatoes, be sure to use a microwave-safe dish. A glass or ceramic dish is ideal, as plastic dishes can melt in the microwave.

  • Add Moisture: To ensure that your potatoes stay moist and tender, you can add a small amount of water to the bottom of your microwave-safe dish. This will create steam, which will help cook the potatoes evenly.

  • Cook In Intervals: To prevent your potatoes from overcooking or exploding in the microwave, it’s important to cook them in intervals. Start by microwaving your potatoes for five minutes, then flip them over and microwave for another five minutes. Continue this process until your potatoes are fully cooked.

  • Let Them Rest: After microwaving your potatoes, let them rest for a few minutes before cutting into them. This will allow the steam to escape and prevent the potatoes from being too hot to handle.


Microwave baked potatoes are a quick and easy way to enjoy this delicious and versatile food. By following these simple tips and tricks, you can ensure that your microwave baked potatoes turn out perfectly every time. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or your family, microwave baked potatoes are a great option for busy weeknights or when you need a quick and easy meal. So the next time you’re in a rush, give microwave baked potatoes a try and enjoy a delicious and healthy meal in minutes.